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I feel wonderful tonight

I was counting days for the Eric Clapton since the last few weeks. Time flew by slowly and here i was, at Key Arena waiting to get in.   The ticket clearly mentioned that camera’s will not be allowed but still, … Continue reading

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Sad day today

India lost to Sri Lanka in the World Cup and are out of the tournament. Shocking but true.   Having lost to the rookie team – Bangladesh – in their opening game, they had to win todays game. They bowled … Continue reading

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Eric burned down the house!

Its little late in the evening. I was just about to leave for the day being tired from the last few weeks of intense drill at work. I couldnt stop for a few to read about peoples review about Eric … Continue reading

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Hole Hearted – extreme

Life’s ambition occupies my timePriorities confuse the mindHappiness one step behindThis inner peace I’ve yet to find Rivers flow into the seaYet even the sea is not so full of meIf I’m not blind why can’t I seeThat a circle … Continue reading

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Do what you like to do

When i was in school, everybody who was elder to me used to tell me that you should choose a profession that you like. You should do what you like. I always dreamt of being a marine engineer. I think … Continue reading

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Here we go again

Isnt it strange that we commit the same mistakes again and again when it comes to dealing with the matters of heart? My collegue defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and again expecting a different result". Well, why … Continue reading

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Evergreen State’s green again

I just love to watch the trees and the surroundings on my way to work. I have been especially noticing the trees outside my office for the last week. These trees used to be green in summer, were amazingly yellow … Continue reading

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