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If there is a rock and roll heaven, i have been there already.

People always say that my generation has not seen or produced any great music. Nor did we get to see any of the class acts of the 70’s in the prime. But, we have this explosive guitar player called Derek … Continue reading

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Raising sand

I have watched some of my favourite acts play in the last one year and more so this summer. Neil Young, Johnny Winter, Derek Trucks, Knopfler, BB King, RTF, Radiohead (later this month), Jack Johnson (later this month again)… but … Continue reading

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Almost another hard disc crash

I am a quite a bit paranoid about my music and pictures collection. I use two external hard discs and I use one as primary storage for music and the other as primary for the pictures. Both are quite robust … Continue reading

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Need more space

My music collection has surpassed well over 80 GB which means that each time i add a new album to my collection, i have to make space for it. And with iTunes that’s unbelievably difficult. 😦 I decided to unselect … Continue reading

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I happened to open my blog "logged out" just now and i surprised to see that the UI is broken. Damn!! I am super particular about such things and I remember a spending an hour to fix the "modules" only to … Continue reading

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“The Ghost of Tom Morello”

Tom Morello is so freaking inspiring. I am in awe of that guy. I just can never get enough of him. One of the most sincere person I have seen. Each time i read his blog, i admire him even … Continue reading

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Thom and Jonny playing The Rip by Portishead Find more videos like this on w.a.s.t.e. central

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City of Microsoft

I saw this advt of Acapulco at the back of a Metro (public transport) bus. Acapulco is a Mexican grill restautant for those who dont know. The advt was pretty much usual but for the locations it mentioned.     … Continue reading

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