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Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

If someone asks me to imagine what a live Bob Dylan show will be like, I imagine Dylan playing an acoustic guitar. I imagine that he will have a small band – a bass player and a drummer – not too many … Continue reading

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The Paul Simon concert

Friday evening, 7:30 pm. I park my truck at the Pacific Science Center, get my favourate Doppio Espresso and walk past the Space Needle thats looking beautiful at night. I arrive at Key Arena. The security lady finds my camera in the bag, takes a … Continue reading

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One of these days….

This Neil Young song always gets me nostalgic. It reminds me of all the "good times we had". School days, playing cricket on the streets, sipping the 50 paise pepsi cola, bunking college and sitting at Mhatre’s, playing guitar in the … Continue reading

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