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New Look :-)

I just changed the look of my blog. Spent a long time to figure a few things and experimenting with the colors and fonts. 🙂 Let me know how you like it, i promise i wont get offended. 🙂   … Continue reading

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In Rainbows

So i downloaded the new Radiohead album a couple of hours ago. Giving it a second listening and yeah, I just love the album. It hits the spot the first time you listen to it. Radiohead rocks!!! 🙂

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Within You And Without You – George Harrison (Beatles)

  We were talking About the space between us all And people who hide themselves Behind a wall of illusion Never glimpse the truth Then it’s far too late When they pass away We were talking About the love we … Continue reading

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Radiohead ga ga

Radiohead is done recording thier new album!! Its called "In Rainbows". Yipee! Like Dave Matthews said, they can never come out with a bad album. Every album is a masterpiece. When can i get my hands on the new album? … Continue reading

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