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Lets make money from MJ’s death!

I found the current banner advt on the homepage of to be in extremely bad taste. How can a reputed company like use the death of MJ to make money? Agreed this tactic is likely to work but did … Continue reading

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When the levee breaks

LZ+NY=Just amazing fun!!   Reminds me of NY’s performance of f***in up on Weld. I so wish he re-releases that on DVD.  

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Reserved quota

Back in India, we would have reserved quota for people who come from castes what are not very developed or advanced and for folks who were not rich. Almost everything controlled by the government will have a percentage of seats … Continue reading

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Long may you run!

…then there are musicians,then there are singers,then there are songwriters,then there are singer-songwriters,then there are poets, lyricists,then there are guitar gods,then there are lead guitarists, rhythm guitarists, electric guitarists, acoustic guitariststhen there are solo musicians, band players,then there are showmen, … Continue reading

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