Reserved quota

Back in India, we would have reserved quota for people who come from castes what are not very developed or advanced and for folks who were not rich. Almost everything controlled by the government will have a percentage of seats reserved for the "Reserved quota".
For example, if in an engineering college, if there are 60 students, 30 seats would be reserved and the remaining 30 for students who wanted to grab those on the merit. In my college, if the open seat closed at 98% marks, the reserved could close at even less than 60%. This ofcourse pissed the students who tried to grab the seats on merit.
Now, we never reservations in all desciplines. Like for example, Indian cricket team does not have this stupid "reserved quota". In general, in my opinion, this quota exists where its convenient and in areas where the key decisionmakers can benefit (read between the lines there).
Shouldnt everything be fair? Shouldnt everything be based on merit? Should someone really discriminate based on religion, caste, colour of the skin, economic status or for that matter nationality? In my opinion – HELL NO!
Introducing "50/50". Now, do we need another bill that mandates that you can buy only 50% non-american cars? If you have one Toyota already, next one has to be a GM, Ford or Chrysler!! 😉
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2 Responses to Reserved quota

  1. Unknown says:

    hehehe.. thats something.. this is anyways a perineal point of any debate.. but the kind of backward / uneducated families exist.. those children who really strive to study well without support do require reservation.. not like normal families with some level of income and education. It shouldn\’t be based on caste whatsoever.. but surely on the social status :)and the car thing is too much i say~Meenakshy

  2. Unknown says:

    This site should allow login with wordpress, blogger IDs too.. otherwise no fun in this~Meenakshy PS: I hope you get me right 🙂

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