Radiohead ga ga

Radiohead is done recording thier new album!! Its called "In Rainbows". Yipee! Like Dave Matthews said, they can never come out with a bad album. Every album is a masterpiece. When can i get my hands on the new album?
I checked their website and they have listed two options to get the album. (i) Download and (ii) Order the disc. Downloads will be available starting 10th Oct and discs will be shipped on Dec 3rd. They are processing the orders from their UK website. I tried both options. Its a Radiohead CD i need a copy of the CD and not a download. Guess how much a copy costs? £40!! Woo, thats too much for a CD. So i checked the cost of the download. Guess what? There was a blank textbox with a "?" icon next to it. I clicked the icon. It says "Its upto you". REALLY? You get to choose the price of the download. Huh. I couldn’t believe it, so i clicked the "?" icon again. It says "No really. It’s upto you.". Wow. How cool is that?
I bot the digital download for a price that i felt was right. I am not gonna tell you how much i paid. But i can tell you that i wasnt stingy. 🙂 Cant wait for October 10th. 🙂
Here is the link to get the album:
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