Need more space

My music collection has surpassed well over 80 GB which means that each time i add a new album to my collection, i have to make space for it. And with iTunes that’s unbelievably difficult. 😦

I decided to unselect some songs i don’t often listen to very often and then use the "Sync only checked songs and videos". Only to realise that i have to unselect one song at a time. 😦 A cool thing at this point would be to delete duplicates. I have lot of songs that i bot as part of different collection. A good example would be the song Clapton’s (Derek & The Dominos) "Layla". I have the song from 3 different albums (and i am not including the live versions). The same take from Dominos album, from Duane Allman’s anthology and Clapton’s Crossroads. Wouldn’t it be cool if iTunes was smart enough to understand this and just keep one copy of the song and still maintain the albums with the song? Guess it will be another few years before we see that in action. Until then I wish I had more space on my iPod and i did not have to deal with all this mess. 😦

On a side note, since i got a Zune, (yeah i have a 80 GB Zune that Prasad gifted me) i haven’t been using iPod all that very often. I just love my Zune. The only reason i still use iPod is cos Zune does not integrate with my car. And since i chose to copy my entire music collection there as well, i have the same problem in both the places.

Alright, let me get back to unselecting some songs. 😦

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