Almost another hard disc crash

I am a quite a bit paranoid about my music and pictures collection. I use two external hard discs and I use one as primary storage for music and the other as primary for the pictures. Both are quite robust and probably the best i could have bought. And I try to take backups once a month for them both. Couple of months ago my laptop crashed and since then I haven’t been backing up my music/pictures. Yesterday my hard disc wouldn’t run and Windows indicated that it may have failed. đŸ˜¦ I did not know what to do for a bit. Luckily, i tried a few more times and it worked. Thank god.

Coming to the point, I think in today’s age, each and every one of us has a lot of data that we will like to maintain – music, pictures, emails, files. Most of us wont spend too much money to backup and maintain that information. Which means that probably Windows will have to come up with some feature to do that. Live Mesh maybe. I love the concept of Live Mesh though I feel that, it should behave just like the files are on my machine and all the applications installed on my machine should be able to use the files like any other file physically stored on my machine. Hopefully that will be possible.

If not Mesh, then I think there should be someone/something else that lets me backup my data. I see this to become huge in the next few years, since all of us are having more and more data (which in turn needs to be backed up).

Hopefully – there soon enough, nobody will ever lose a song, delete a picture accidentally, nor any document.

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