If there is a rock and roll heaven, i have been there already.

People always say that my generation has not seen or produced any great music. Nor did we get to see any of the class acts of the 70’s in the prime. But, we have this explosive guitar player called Derek Trucks. He can give anyone from the 70’s a run for their money. What a player.
I saw Derek last year at the Tulalip Casino in Seattle and that show was easily one of the best i have seen. A monster player he is. I went to WaMu theater with my hopes high but i wasnt thinking much about the show. I knew it would be awesome but, i wasnt thinking much.
Derek Trucks walked on the stage after Mike Mattison’s band finished their set. They started their set with a song called "Feels so bad". Derek played a solo, ofcourse a slide solo. And we were already witnessing the goodness. The third song was "Anyday" the Derek and the Dominos classis. Not the first time i saw him play that but, yeah but, he played it so freaking well. There was a LONG solo when the band almost stepped aside and with spot light on Derek as he moved each person off their feet. It has to be one of the very very best. Damn i cant say for sure it was the best – what the heck i just saw Knopfler play "Telegraph Road" and BB King play "Thrill Is Gone" and Al Di Meola play that acoustic solo (my eyes get moist even as i type that). Coming back to Anyday and Derek’s solo. I wish they recorded that performance. I wish i had a camera built inside of me that could capture the whole solo, as i saw it and i wish i can record the joy it brought. To be there and see him play. Thats probably as close to heaven as i will ever get. Well, If there is a rock and roll heaven, i have been there already. Everybody in the crowd was estatic, we all knew we had seen something special and we were all on our feet when he completed the song. Guess what the man does, he just takes a few steps behind, just looks at Susan as if nothing has happened – no eye contact with us and gets ready to play the next song. Lol, so much for one of the best i ever heard. That guy knows what good music is and he conducted the band really well.
After the show, i met Derek’s dad and his sister. His dad is a very very simple man and said with pride that that was his son playing. Understandably so. I had to tell him that, he is one of the best ever to which his dad said, "I may have a bias but i agree with you". His dad named Derek after the band "Derek and the Dominos" and Derek plays Duane’s style of slide guitar and he does a freakin amazing job. Yeah, and his dad also said that he felt that Derek was showing off today, lol, as some of his friends were around. On a sidenote, i wish i could have seen Duane Allman play.

These guys dint let the camera in, so no fancy pics. I took a few from the small camera and here is a link to em. And here is a video of Derek playing at the age of 12.


This has to be the summer of a lifetime for me. Its the Summer of 69 for someone who was born in the late 70’s. 🙂
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