Some of my friends tell me that they can remember every dream they had but for some reason i cannot. I remember a dream only if i wake up suddenly in the middle of a dream… and it does not usually happen that way. I remember years ago, i used to see this one place in my dream often. I knew the place so well that i felt that if i go there someday in real life, i’ll know all the in’s and out’s as if i have lived there for years. Then that dream just stopped and i do not recollect going to that place in my dream anymore. Strange.
Since its already been over two years since i moved here, i really expect that some day atleast i’ll dream about my life here. To my surprise, that’s never happened. In my dreams i am always in India. I am playing cricket on the streets, teasing my niece, hanging out with my buddies, i am in my previous companies office, it might be about my mom-dad – it can be anything but it will definitly be about my life in India. I wonder why. If the dream is about something thats happening to me here – job/concerts – then the situation is the same but its happening in India. My friends might show up in my dreams but the location is India, Bombay. In fact the other day i was driving home and i was kinda hungry. It was in the evening and in my mind i was thinking of a good place to have vada-pav (a Bombay snack that u dont get here). Strange. Few days ago, i was supposed to kill an hour outside my house and i was thinking of options. I realized i was think of something that i used to do in India. I was actually thinking of going to Planet-M else Prithvi theater. Man!!
Today when i woke up, i said to me "9:00 o’clock wajun gele" (I was talking in Marathi and i was saying "Its past 9:00 already". I dont speak Marathi at all these days (unless i am talking to my parents), yet i was talking in Marathi. I think it had something to do with the dream i was having. I could not recollect the dream though. Since it was already 9:00, i did not try to recollect the dream and i just went to work.
I realized one more thing. When i woke up today, i was not in a happy mood. That mood just stuck on me. I was never in the best of my moods for the entire day, i have a feeling that it has something to do with the dream i had.
Wierd. I dont what causes all this but its quite interesting. I guess my heart is still in India….
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2 Responses to Dreams

  1. Mahesh says:

    Dreams are reflections of a longing replayed in your sub concious. Maybe heart in heart you do want to go back to Inda eventually. Cool blog !! Keep up the good work of writing thought provoking stuff.

  2. Kalpita says:

    If u feel like coming to India come & if u feel like talking to me(Kalpita) always phone.I miss u.Keep writing in this blog.Belive me i  cried a lot reading ur blog.Love u.

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