Few random things about me

A few days ago, i saw this article on my friends blog where she had mentioned a few random things about her. I really liked it and here is my version of the same thing:
I am the first one to fall asleep after you say good night.
I leave the music playing as i go to sleep.
I cry during movies and sometimes even concerts. Roger Waters singing "Numb" and Paul Simon singing "Bridge over…"
I never comb my hair. Infact i dont have a comb in my appartment.
I prefer to buy tee-shirts cos they dont need ironing.
I go out for a coffee/drive past mid-night atleast 4 times every week.
I buy a lot of music.
I (try to) sing when i am driving. Of course the music is ALWAYS playing when i am driving.
"The Wonder Years" is the only serial i ever really followed. I think i have watched every episode that was aired on Star Plus.
I have been a die hard Andre Agassi fan since school days. I used to be more involved in his games than probably he was.
I have driven my car 18,000 miles in a year. Also, i havent yet taken it outside Washington State yet. All the long trips were on rental cars.
My nieces mean a lot to me and I miss them a lot.
Kurt Cobains house – where he ended his life – is about 15 minutes drive from where i live.
"Doppio Espresso" is the coffee i order.
I am horrible at saving money.
I say "I mean it", only when i REALLY mean something. 🙂
I think Paul Simon is a genious.
I miss my friends in India a lot.
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