Tim Reynolds at Chop Suey

 Last weekend, 9th Feb ’07, Tim Reynolds played at Chop Suey in Seattle. For those of you who dont know Tim, he is an awesome guitar player, tours solo but he also often plays with Dave Matthews. He has an acoustic band with Dave called "Dave Matthews and friends".
Tim is a one-man-band. He started his concert with an acoustic guitar and used three guitars all together during his show. One of the other two was a 12 string acoustic and the other an electric. His music is melodious, intense and fast. He used his pedals beautifully and yes, his right hand was amazingly fast. I still remember how i could hardly see his right hand when he was playing some of those fast riffs. He sings all his songs and has a really different style of singing. Aparently, he met with a car accident and lost his voice. It seems he could sing the female parts from the disco era before the accident. I actually liked his singing style as well. He sounds quite like old Jazz vocalist to me.
After the show i got a chance to meet Tim. Tim is a short guy and is so humble and down to earth. He was extremely soft spoken and appeared to be shy and man of few words kinds. He talked to us about how he grew up in Alaska, global warming and told us that he was happy that we liked his music. 🙂
Tim has not signed up with any major record label. He was the one who encouraged Dave Matthews to form his own band. He does not prefer to play with DMB cos he thinks that his music speaks for him and he will not have the freedom to play music the way he wants to. Its amazing to know that somebody like Tim exists. Who in the world will turn down an offer to play with Dave Matthews Band today?
Last year when Tim played in Seattle, i missed his show although i had the tickets – i was stuck at work. But i am sure, next year when he tours here, i’ll be the first one to buy the tickets.
One last thing – i got lucky this time at the concert. I was actually sitting on the stage for the concert. When the show started, i was in the 2/3 row from the stage. I was taking pictures and thats when this cute girl offered me her place and i eventually ended up sitting on the stage so that i did not block the view of this lady in the wheelchair. I dont think i have gotten a chance to be on the stage, well this time i just got lucky. Here’s a link to some pics i took.
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