Cricket World Cup 2007

The Cricket World Cup started today. Being in the US, the excitment isnt there. Had I been in India, by now i would have had 10,000 discussions on the best team, best bowler, best batsman, how the current Indian team can come up with s surprise and win this time, drawing comparisons between the current Indian team with Kapil’s team of 1983. 🙂
World Cup is always fun. I remember the last world cup in which India dominated most of the games. They made it to the finals and in the entire tournament they just lost two games – both to Australia. I felt that they did put up a great show but Australian Cricket team was too strong for them. Indian team has always had a very strong batting lineup but that team had they best bowling attack i have seen Indian team have. Well that was then though. This is a new tournament.
Being a hard-core Indian Cricket fan, i have to say that i do believe that India has a chance this time. I also hope that we win this cup for Tendulkars. I am not too sure if he will play in the next world cup.
Next few days will be fun. I havent subscribed for the World Cup yet but i am going to keep a track of the scores and watch all games i can. And hey Mahesh, come tmrw, we have something besides to work to talk about during out chai breaks. 🙂
Go team India!!
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