Evergreen State’s green again

I just love to watch the trees and the surroundings on my way to work. I have been especially noticing the trees outside my office for the last week. These trees used to be green in summer, were amazingly yellow – bright and almost fluorescent in fall, leafless in winter. Come last week and i noticed that the leaves were coming back again. Today when i saw them, the trees were actually looking red. They look so beautiful. Everything is so colorful again. The trees in my apartment complex are pink. Some others have become green again, the sun comes out a few times every week, today we had the spring forward and it was sunny until 7.00 pm already ….its so beautiful out there.

I just love taking pictures and now when things are getting so pretty my camera isnt working. I cannot express how much i am missing my camera. 😦 I hope i buy a new one soon.

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