Do what you like to do

When i was in school, everybody who was elder to me used to tell me that you should choose a profession that you like. You should do what you like. I always dreamt of being a marine engineer. I think i was influenced by my cousin, who was a marine engineer and by the fact that they made a lot more money than most of the professions i knew at that time. Then i wanted to be an architect or a psychologist. I ended up studying Textile engineering and became a software engineer. Lol. That’s a weird story in itself. Anyways. They say that you should do what you like to do, but i do not think that quite possible. It’s always a choice between doing what i like to do and earning good money.
The competition these days is killing. Every person at work is trying to prove how smart he is. They try to find faults in you and they try to do a better job than you. After a point i think it becomes a race. You are just trying to come out first before the rest. You start thinking about appraisals, growth, promotions, power and thought to do things well and in the best possible way is lost somewhere. I hate all this. I think you can either be successful professionally or be happy with what you are doing. For most of us it will remain a choice between the two. Well, most of us will disagree to what i feel or, to put the same thing in a different way, most of us will not like to believe this just to keep themselves happy. It’s so stressful. I do not think that this problem is true only in the industry i am in, i think it’s a fact of life. That’s how life is, our world is.
When i was in New York, i had a really cool co-worker. He was a product designer for the company i was working for. The first time i met him, he introduced himself as a DJ. DJ??? i was wondering. Guessing by the look on my face, i think he realized he needed to explain me something, and i am glad he explained. He said "I am a DJ, that’s what i love to do. But my day-time job is that of a ‘Product Designer’. I do product designing to earn money but my heart lies in DJing". That was Andy Toh. I admire you a lot Andy.
Wish i can find me something that can keep me going…..
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