Sad day today

India lost to Sri Lanka in the World Cup and are out of the tournament. Shocking but true.
Having lost to the rookie team – Bangladesh – in their opening game, they had to win todays game. They bowled quite decently to restrict Sri Lanka to 255 but lost the game by batting very poorly, and the tournament is over for Team India and many die hard Indian fans. We Indians are die hard fans, we always believe that India will pull themselves out and stage a miracle. To be honest, i couldn’t believe the score when i saw it. Due to extreme head-ache, i could not watch the game at all. But i am glad i did not see them play.
What they announced about Bob Woolmer was extremely sad. That puts a scary thought in my mind. I hope the reaction at home isnt that bad and we are able to understand that its just a game. Its indeed a sad day for what they announced about Bob, its indeed sad that Indian team is packing their bags to go home.
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