Eric burned down the house!

Its little late in the evening. I was just about to leave for the day being tired from the last few weeks of intense drill at work. I couldnt stop for a few to read about peoples review about Eric Claptons US tour. I am going to see him live tmrw. He played in Sacramento yesterday and people were thrilled to see him. Vikas saw him live in Charlotte a few months ago and he was very impressed with the show. He said he got goose bumps when he sang "I shot the sheriff". I saw his Crossroads festival on DVD last weekend and i was very impressed and I am expecting tmrw’s show to be nothing less than a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

They arent letting cameras. Thats the sad part. But i am sure, i’ll have memories of the show registered on my mind forever. I am sure that i’ll write more abt it tmrw, after i see him.

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