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Cricket World Cup 2007

The Cricket World Cup started today. Being in the US, the excitment isnt there. Had I been in India, by now i would have had 10,000 discussions on the best team, best bowler, best batsman, how the current Indian team can come up with s … Continue reading

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Some of my friends tell me that they can remember every dream they had but for some reason i cannot. I remember a dream only if i wake up suddenly in the middle of a dream… and it does not … Continue reading

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Few random things about me

A few days ago, i saw this article on my friends blog where she had mentioned a few random things about her. I really liked it and here is my version of the same thing:   I am the first … Continue reading

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Tim Reynolds at Chop Suey

 Last weekend, 9th Feb ’07, Tim Reynolds played at Chop Suey in Seattle. For those of you who dont know Tim, he is an awesome guitar player, tours solo but he also often plays with Dave Matthews. He has an acoustic … Continue reading

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Its a Friday evening, 7.15 pm and i am still at work. I feel like leaving but there is tons of work left. Until a few weeks ago, the weekends were pretty ok. I used to work on Sundays if needed … Continue reading

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Driving through the snow

It’s a long day at work and I have been in meeting since i started my day. At 9:30 pm Mahesh pings me to tell me that there is huge snowfall in Bothell, the place where he lives. The snowfall … Continue reading

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