Driving through the snow

It’s a long day at work and I have been in meeting since i started my day. At 9:30 pm Mahesh pings me to tell me that there is huge snowfall in Bothell, the place where he lives. The snowfall was moving South – towards where i live. I leave office at about 10:30 and the roads are in perfect conditions. I park my car in my parking spot…. but then i feel like going on a drive.
It was raining when i started – not too heavy – Seattle style. I choose to listen to my most fav songs – the songs that i have rated 5*’s. I was driving randomly and i did not realize that i was heading North. I was listening to Graceland (by Paul Simon). I just love that song and i was so involved in the song – humming the tune that i wasnt paying much attention to the scenary (of the i drive on every day) and i suddenly realized that the scene was changing. It was snowing in North and as i was making my way North, i could actually see the intensity of the white color increase. It was quite an experience. And suddenly in 5 seconds – it appeared as if i was in another town. The roads were covered with snow, the roofs had about three inches of snow. There was snow clinging onto the trees making them appear to trees with white leaves. It was so cool!! I drove a few more miles on 140th Ave and then decided to head back home. All this while i was listening to all those beautiful songs i like the most. The drive did the trick for me. I was so refreshed by the end of it, i had the energy to go play a game of racketball. 🙂
All’s well that ends well they say. Very true. I feel like my day was so much fun. Did i go to work today? I can hardly remember 😉
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