Guitar techniques

I spent some 6 to 8 hrs last weekend at Barnes and Noble. I had been to 3 of their stores – Crossroads, Issaquah and UW. B&N is an unusual place for me to hang out at but this time around i was looking for a nice guitar book.
I did like a few books but couldn’t convince myself that they were worth 25-30 bucks. I really wasnt sure if i’ll use the book. I made myself this promise that if i learn a few songs on my own in the next two months, i’ll buy me the chord book of CCR and the Melbay one on scales. I cannot count how many times i have thought of starting practising seriously. When it comes to practise – i usually hang out with friends or work.
I am on a couple of forums of budding guitarists and everyone says just one thing – practise. Well – thats what i am going to do. Next couple of months i am going to stay focused. Well i dont want to be an ace guitarist, a pro but i want to be able to play (and sing maybe) a few songs. To start of with – i shall practise this.
This is just a note to myself and i am going to check back in 2 months to see if i deserve a copy of those two books. Lets see…
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