Bob Malone + Arthur Migliazza, The Royal Room – Seattle

I attended this show to see Arthur Migliazza play. I saw him open for Jeff Fielder earlier and he was amazing that time. Since then I have been wanting to see him again and finally it happened. Well, almost anyway. He was again an opener. There were two sets and both were pretty brief. Both sets were opened by Arthur and Bob will close them out. Arthur is amazing. Playing some amazing Boogie-Woogie and Rag. He has a great stage presence as well. I will have to see him another time. Bob was cool too. Good show overall.

Arthur Migliazza:

Bob Malone:

Pics are here.

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Widespread Panic, Paramount Theater – Seattle (2015)

I remember the last time I saw Widespread Panic, I felt like they were the greatest band in the world! Like crazy amazing. I had the same feeling again. Jimmy Herring is a master. His guitar playing is just mind blowing. How can he be so intense. I feel that the band was enjoying themselves more than this time around. Anyways, a great show!

Pics are here.

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Trigger Hippy, Neumos – Seattle

I saw these amazing guys at Neumos. This is a supergroup comprising of
Steve Gorman – Drums
Tom Bukovac – Guitars
Joan Osborne – Vocals
Jackie Greene – Guitars/Vocals
Nick Govrik – Bass

I loved the Young-Mule album. Ever since then I wanted to see Jackie Greene. Add to that Steve Gorman and Joan Osborne. Now I had to see this show. These guys are awesome. Jackie Green is a fine guitar player. Bluesy and also plays slide. I have to explore his other work. Joan Osbourne seemed to be having a good time there. Tom Bukovac was amazing too and so was Nick Govrik. Its sad to see Steve Gorman play there after seeing Chris Robinson play at the same venue about a year ago. Why did the Black Crowes have to break up?

Anyways, this show was awesome. The band is tight. Reminded me of TTB. Female vocals and a soulful guitar player. The album does not do justice to how good the band sounds live. And mind you, the album is really good. Do check them out!

Pics are here.

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Signal Strength

I enjoyed watching this video. It was powered by Skype, iPhones and Macbooks. You can read more about it here.

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Bill Frisell, Guitar in the Space Age, Showbox – Seattle

I really like Bill Frisell but I think my wife is a bigger fan of his. I think her go to album is Bill Frisell’s 2011 release “All we are saying”, his interpretation of John Lennon’s music.

I had seen Bill play this set twice earlier at Jazz Alley. Like always, the show was amazing. “Guitar in the Space Age” is Bill Frisells interpretation of 1960’s instrumental music. Most songs are very popular and I am sure one would have heard most of the songs. I love how his shows are clean sounding. His band is made up of:

Bill Frisell – electric guitar
Greg Leisz – pedal steel guitar, electric guitar
Tony Scherr – bass
Kenny Wollesen – drums.

I haven’t picked up the album yet, but I am extremely tempted to. Maybe soon.

Pics are here.

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Sco-Mule, Moore Theater – Seattle

Warren Haynes is God. One of the best guitar players I have had the privilege of seeing, he never disappoints. Now add Scofield to the equation and what to you get? Pure bliss for the evening. Why cant we keep Warren here in Seattle? How I wish I can see him more… Until the next time…

No camera’s allowed, so the cellphone pics are here.

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Layla – Vocals and Guitar only mix

I love slide guitars and slide players. I love the album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. I have spent countless hours of my life listening to it. Yet, listening to this was just amazing! Amazingly cool! Give it a listen, I got goosebumps when I first heard it.

If you enjoyed that, probably you will enjoy this too:

And if you are still not satisfied, here you go, full course!

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Song of the day: Sick of my Shadow – Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes is the best. Simply the best of the best, as good as it gets! I feel he can literally talk with his guitar. One of the most soulful players I have had a pleasure of seeing. If you don’t own the album “Man in Motion”, just buy it right away. Its a gem! And if you ever get your hands on a time machine, travel back in time and see Warren Haynes Band on tour promoting Man In Motion.

I cannot get enough of this song today:

Sick of my Shadow
I want to go for a long walk
I might need some company
Someone I can relate to
Someone other than me
I’m tired of these conversations
I keep on having in my head
But it’s a long way home once you’ve made your bed

I’m sick of my shadow
Want to shed my skin
Sick of my shadow
What a shape I’m in
Sick of myself, and everything I do
I’m sick of my shadow since I lost you

Oh yeah so I got some problems
What else is new?
I spend too much time in my black and white world
Trying to paint it blue
But we cant all be like you, dear
With your million dollar smile
Some of us don’t bounce back
We stay down for a while


All I need is that one shot
One big lucky break
I can finally wipe the slate clean
Pay for all my mistakes
Just let me roll ’em hot tonight Jesus
I swear I’ll walk away
Lose this chip on my shoulder
Keep my demons at bay


For your listening pleasure:

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Scott Kelly and The Road Home, El Corazon – Seattle

Sometimes, I fail to understand why some of these bands are not more popular. Neurosis is one of them. These guys are so good! I love Scott Kelly, their front-man. He often plays in these small venues around and its always a pleasure to see him play. He is so intense even with an acoustic guitar in hand. Check him out, incase you haven’t already. Check out Corrections House, Shrinebuilder and then ofcourse Scott Kelly and the Road Home. Mind you, it might get loud. Real loud!

I was stupid to miss Mike Scheidt. I am kicking myself for missing him play. I hope to catch him next time.

Scott Kelly has been amazing each and every time I have seen him. The music is sparse, haunting and with intense vocals. Noah Landis adds amazing texture to the sound and Munly J. Munly plays some cool lap steel and sings backing vocals. I want to explore Munly’s work. He was so good! What a memorable show. I so wish these guys play here more often.

Bonus was seeing Tad Doyle in the audience. What a sweet guy he is!

Pics are here.

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Morello/Serj do Crazy Train

I understand Tom Morello’s guitar solos aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. They are my cup of tea for sure. I love his solo’s and all his bands. I know that Tom is a huge fan of Randy Rhodes and its awesome to see that his cover is the first song off this Rhandy Rhodes tribute album. Love it!

Here is info about the album:

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