Blag Dahlia + Nick Oliveri, Crocodile – Seattle

I honestly went there just to see Nick play. Its so crazy to see the man behind the rock star. He came off as a genuine person who you may bump into walking on the street or something. Nothing fancy. It did not appear like he had practiced a whole lot for the show. And he was playing a guitar and not a bass. But it was awesome and fun. He was engaging with the crowd and he put a sincere show. Hope he does well for himself, seems like a genuine guy.

Blag? Man he is so much fun. Wonder why I did not discover his music earlier?

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Mike Dillon, Royal Room – Seattle

Mike Dillon Band comprising of Joe Doria, Brad Houser, and Cecil Moses & the SG’s is expected to be a lot of fun. And yes, it was a blast!

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Sonny Landreth, Triple Door 2016

I have seen Sonny Landreth a lot of times and he has always blown me away. This time was no different. I felt he was genuinely enjoying himself. The set comprised of old and new songs. Top notch show and a great show to start off the year…

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Concert bucket list: Chris Rea

I have seen a fair number of concertsĀ and I count myself lucky to have seen many of my favorite musicians and bands. Chris Rea will be on top of my bucket list of artists I haven’t seen yet and I will love to. I thought he stopped touring but apparently he played the Montreux Jazz in 2014. Damn… Luckily it was captured on video.

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Interview with Nancy Staley, Layne’s mom

You got to read this interview with Layne’s mom. Its so powerful.

Also, I have been thinking about going for the Layne Staley Tribute night for many years but I havent. Maybe I should go this time. It will be so nice to say hello to Nancy.

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Warren Haynes Playlist

Warren Haynes published a playlist of songs he likes. It certainly makes a great listen. Click here.

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Montage of Heck, Egyptian Theater – Seattle

I was so excited about the movie. Especially this screening, given that Brett Morgan was going to be there. It seems that Brett was asked a lot of tough questions the previous night when they screened it for whos-who of Seattle music scene. The movie got a nod from likes of Jack Endino, Charles Cross and Bruce Pavitt (check these guys’ facebook pages if you are interested). That only increased the excitement for me.

Brett Morgan introduced the movie and shared his thoughts. No Q&A. I was accompanied by a friend who loves movies but had no clue about Kurt Cobain (yes, there are people like that too. and that too in Seattle). Anyways. I thought that the movie was abstract. I mean, I cannot say I learnt something new about Kurt or feel any different about him after watching the movie. The movie did not let me understand Kurts thoughts any better. To me the movie is like a collage of clips.

Also, I had to explain to my friend how big Nirvana and Kurt Cobain were/are. He could not get that based on the movie. I will say that its definitely a good watch but nothing too special.

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