Stone Temple Pilots, Paramount – Seattle

The album Core by Stone Temple Pilots was one of my favorites during my school/college days. I used to listen to their first four albums every once in a while. I did go back and forth a couple of times before finally deciding to go see the show. Part of the reason for the second thought was the fact that Scott was not going to be there. Yet, I am glad I went!

I have to say that the sound was not the best. Boomy base that overshadowed the guitar for my taste. Chester Bennington was at home with the rest of the band and the crowd liked him as well. He sings well and was able to engage with the crowd. I was surprised to see that I still remember the lyrics to so many of their songs. I guess the memories of the band playing “Plush” with some help from the crowd will remain etched for ever! One other cool thing is that, the band seemed to be enjoying themselves very much. Its always more fun with the band is also enjoying themselves.

Pics are here.

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