Song of the day: Sick of my Shadow – Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes is the best. Simply the best of the best, as good as it gets! I feel he can literally talk with his guitar. One of the most soulful players I have had a pleasure of seeing. If you don’t own the album “Man in Motion”, just buy it right away. Its a gem! And if you ever get your hands on a time machine, travel back in time and see Warren Haynes Band on tour promoting Man In Motion.

I cannot get enough of this song today:

Sick of my Shadow
I want to go for a long walk
I might need some company
Someone I can relate to
Someone other than me
I’m tired of these conversations
I keep on having in my head
But it’s a long way home once you’ve made your bed

I’m sick of my shadow
Want to shed my skin
Sick of my shadow
What a shape I’m in
Sick of myself, and everything I do
I’m sick of my shadow since I lost you

Oh yeah so I got some problems
What else is new?
I spend too much time in my black and white world
Trying to paint it blue
But we cant all be like you, dear
With your million dollar smile
Some of us don’t bounce back
We stay down for a while


All I need is that one shot
One big lucky break
I can finally wipe the slate clean
Pay for all my mistakes
Just let me roll ’em hot tonight Jesus
I swear I’ll walk away
Lose this chip on my shoulder
Keep my demons at bay


For your listening pleasure:

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