Scott Kelly and The Road Home, El Corazon – Seattle

Sometimes, I fail to understand why some of these bands are not more popular. Neurosis is one of them. These guys are so good! I love Scott Kelly, their front-man. He often plays in these small venues around and its always a pleasure to see him play. He is so intense even with an acoustic guitar in hand. Check him out, incase you haven’t already. Check out Corrections House, Shrinebuilder and then ofcourse Scott Kelly and the Road Home. Mind you, it might get loud. Real loud!

I was stupid to miss Mike Scheidt. I am kicking myself for missing him play. I hope to catch him next time.

Scott Kelly has been amazing each and every time I have seen him. The music is sparse, haunting and with intense vocals. Noah Landis adds amazing texture to the sound and Munly J. Munly plays some cool lap steel and sings backing vocals. I want to explore Munly’s work. He was so good! What a memorable show. I so wish these guys play here more often.

Bonus was seeing Tad Doyle in the audience. What a sweet guy he is!

Pics are here.

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