Life is short, play hard

I have never played ping-pong seriously before i started working here. I felt that it was quite a boring game. Since i started playing it here, i find it to be a great refersher. I usually play to keep me active and also to refresh me, for a break.
Today was a typical hectic day at work. Handful meetings, few discussions, and coding – as usual. Given the fact that we have a release coming up on Friday makes things a bit more tense. To top that, Mahesh is on a vacation and i was anyways missing ping-pong. After a meeting, a team-mate of mine asked me if we can play ping pong in the evening to which i obliged.
At about 5.30, i pinged 4 of my team mates for a game. Most of these guys must have been great players in their days but given the fact that they havent been playing regularly, they have all become rusty. We got warmed up and started playing. It was so much fun. We kept rotating partners since we were 5 of us, yet the teams were always good and all the games were so close. The rallies were long, some of them were decided after more than 20 shots. I am sure I played some of the best rallies i have ever played, today. In 45 minutes, i was sweating like a dog and we were all smiles. So glad i bot the new paddle. 🙂 Yeah!!!
I guess, nothing can beat playing sports. You may work out all you want but it cannot compare to the high you get after playing. The co-ordination it takes, the team spirit, spirit of playing a game, and the joy of enjoying a game. It can be any sport. For me, its ping pong these days. Such a nice game to get a workout. You can fit a table anywhere. The games are short, insanely fast (almost always) and takes a lot of concentration. 15 minutes and u are recharged.
I very often feel bad for people who did not play any games when they were young. I think it makes a big difference to your attitude towards life when you grow up. If you have a chance, play a sport each time you can!
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1 Response to Life is short, play hard

  1. Mahesh says:

    Game on !! Buddy…I will sooner or later get to you and your new paddle :). Thanks for giving me some great ping pong memories.

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