All right, so i was trying to be cheap. You know the last time I got the strings on my guitar changed at American Music store in Bellevue, the stupid guys charged me extra 6-8 bucks just to put the strings on. That was insane cos i remember they telling me proudly last time around that they do that for free. Huh. And 8 bucks is a bit too much.
Couple of days ago, two days precisely, i snapped the high-E string of my guitar. And, so it needed to be fixed. Yesterday, i got a string winder and a cutter and tried to wind the string on my guitar.
First, i think i cut the string too short. Then i bent the string wrong and it was wrong. The string just wouldnt wind. Tried that for half hour and then gave up by the time, when the guitar stored were closed. 😦 Allright, i got a few more strings today and decided to complete the mission I was on. Cut the string a bit longer this time. Wound it slowly. took time to do it. Cut my finger over the 5th string, it was actually bleeding, but eventually, i wound the string. Woo. But guess what though, my celebrations did not last too long. The first bend i tried with it. It snapped!!!! Its broken again. Man, i am going to the guitar shop tmrw. 😦 What a disaster.
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