Gender Bias?

A friend of mine recently saw a Indian few film stars shooting a movie on South Beach. One of stars was John Abraham. For those of you who dont know who he is, he is a good looking model turned actor in Bollywood. My friend likes him a lot (i guess) and so she called out his name. He waved at back at her and blew some kisses to her. They were done shooting already and were packing and getting ready to leave. I asked my friend if she spoke to him and my friend was like, i couldnt but "i just wanted to go hug him". I smiled back to her….
… and then i thought. What if i was at the beach and i had seen a hot actress. I said hi to her and then i’d said "i just wanted to go hug her". What would the reaction be? Would she take it cool? The point is not about her reaction, its about everybody’s reaction. Why is it cool for a girl to say that and get away and not cool for guys to do the same? Gender bias? I wonder.
PS: I am watching Dave Matthews play a piano right now. Wow, i dint know he played one. How cool is that?
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