Velvet Revolver

Velvet Revolver @ Showbox. Huh. Honestly i was quite surprised to see the concert sell out in days since the tickets went on sale. Sell out concerts is very rare in Seattle, its not like NYC. I only remember Alice in Chains concert selling out so fast.
I am usually the first one to buy tickets when there is assigned seating and this time i took it easy and i had to buy a ticket from Craigs List. I got the ticket on Saturday – so yeah, i was all set. Thanks Steve for sending the tickets on time. I had reached the venue an hour before the doors opened so i was right in the second row and very close to the stage. I picked the right speaker knowing the fact that Slash likes to be on right side of the stage.

There was an opening band – they were quite cool actually but i was so excited about VR that i just could not concentrate on their gig. I was observing the crew set up the stage and i was quite surprised to see that there was not even a single wire flying on the stage. Not even one – no taped wires, no. Nothing. All the setlists were tightly taped to the ground with the one for Slash’s which was stuck to his amp.
Finally, Velvet Revolver hit the stage at 10.15. I expected them to come running in but no, they came in pretty cool. SLASH was about 3-4 feet away from where i stood. Yeah. The same guys who i as a school kid used to worship. It was a dream come true. His appearance was usual. A leather jeans a black tee, round dark glasses and his trademark hat. He was ultra cool. The tatoos on his skin were clearly visible to me. The rose on his left hand the lady on his right hand. His Les Paul. I could see the all the scratches cause by the wear and tear. I was right there trying to savour every moment of the show, of being right next to this man – Slash. His leads were sweet and he make it all look very simple. He was awesome on Slither. I guess he saved the best for the last. And i just loved "Wish you were here". Scott Weiland was cool too. He is so energy packed. Woo. He really brought life to their stage presence.
They did not let cameras in and so i was a little disappointed. Yeah. U cannot help it sometimes. But guess what, i got Slash’s plecktrum. 🙂 I also got his Setlist. After the oncore i was still wiating for them to comeback to maybe sign autographs, but yeah. it was over.

The staff asked me to move out and i started making my way out and guess what………………… KIM THAIYL WAS RIGHT THERE. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I could not believe my eyes. Yes he was there in the soundbox. I was so excited. This guy does not play often anymore and i always wondered if i’ll get to see him on stage. I said hi to him and he stood up and greeted me back. I went to him and i said thank you to him for all the music. He was so cool – no airs about him. When i asked him abt him playing sometime he said no commercial music for him anymore. Thats so sad. I asked him if he will play with "The Presidents" and he said no. He asked me if i was from Bombay and then he said that has been there in his early days. I asked him for his autograph and he said sure. I did not have anything on me that time so i got his autograph behind my Microsoft visiting card. Lol. I also took a pic with him through my cell phone and said thank you to him again and he gave me a punch to say good bye. Man, what a pleasure to meet Kim. I dont know if he will ever read this but honestly, Kim thank you so much. You rock and thanks for all the music. I hope i get to see him play some time. My day was made. After all u have to be really lucky to see two guitar gods in flesh and blood on one single day. Man!!! In minutes I was all smiles and screaming on the phone telling my friends abt how lucky i got that day………. 🙂
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