I saw Madagascar twice in the last two days. And guess what i can still watch it one more time today. The movie is simply awesome. I love the way the put so much life into each and every character.

I feel movie making is difficult. And its even more difficult when you make movies that are based on fantasies. I love the way some of these movies take u to a totally different world. I saw the premier of Spiderman 3 and it did that same thing to me. I was in that Spiderman world for those 2 and half hours. Its so cool. Its nice to see nice things happening to nice people. I just enjoyed the movie – forgetting all the pressure at work and about all the day to day chores. And the fact that the movie is shot in New York makes me like the movie even more – icing on the cake.

Coming back to Madagascar. I think our life is like those animals in the zoo. We have to wake up at a particular time, sleep at a particular time, be there for meetings, pay taxes, not go to parks after sunset, so many rules. Deadlines, pressure, think of "creative ways to problems", "management wants it to happen that way". Man, all this sucks. I wanna go to the "wild side". I want to go to the fun side where there are no deadlines to meet, in the kingdom of the one and only "Original King Jullian". Dance nice and sassy with him. "Woman, physically fit, physically fit, physically, physically, physically fit" – LOL. I’ll tell him i get heebie-jeebies when i think about work and yes, i’ll raise my hand before talking. I wanna work for the skipper. I wanna crack the code and give "results and not excuses". I love all the sceanes of King Jullian and the Penguins and the one in which Marty and Alex run towards each other on the beach with Chariots of Fire music – slow motion and arms stretched out. I wanna take Skippers advice and remember to be "Cute and cuddly, boys. Cute and cuddly.". You know what, "My life is half over and I don’t even know if I’m black with white stripes or white with black stripes!".

But yeah, its nothing but a dream, i can only "Smile and wave".


PS: If you havent seen Madagascar, you dont know what u are missing. Get it today! If u have seen it a while ago and dont remember the scenes i am talking about, its time u rent the DVD again, else the foosa will attack you…. 🙂

"Dont you shush me Alex".

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  1. yoyo says:

    Ya it\’s really a very funny movie. I\’ve ever seen it before though couldn\’t remember the details now. Hey I\’m not afraid of the foosa:)

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