Rock-and-roll April

 Last month, i saw quite a few bands. A few of them were local bands and some were real big one.
The once concert that i was looking forward to was that of "Flight to Mars" that features Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. Well, i guess i just could not control my excitement and i got to the venue one day before the show itself. LOL. The concert was on Saturday 7th April and i was at The Showbox on the 6th. 🙂 No worries, i decided to listen to the bands that were playing that night. The crowd was made up of youngsters, with majority being school kids. The main band was F LOATER. There were three other bands that played before them but yeah, floater was awesome. They are a three piece band with the basist doubling up as a vocalist. I was very impressed with the bassist/vocalist and the lead guitarist. Their style was totally unique and i guess they are really big in the underground circuit. The crowd knew lyrics to most of the songs they played.
So finally, on April 07th i went to Showbox once again. After watching the opening bands Mike made a small appearence on the stage. He was not even introduced. He just walked in to join one of the organizers of the show who was on the stage to talk about the event. No airs around this guy – Mike McCready. He was carrying his guitar and was speaking a line or two every time he had a chance.
When "Flight to Mars" hit the stage, they got a hero’s welcome. They are really loud. Tim DiJulio was the other guitarist> Tim is a cool guitarist and his presence is always felt. He was almost like a frontman of the band. Mike was playing second fiddle to him initially. I am not trying to take away anything away from Tim when i say this but there were times when i was wondering how come Mike isnt dominating the show. Well, Mike came back with some OUT OF THIS WORLD solos. Phew! He was so good. Wow. Just awesome. If you ever see Mike live, u’ll just love him. He is full of energy, running from one end of the stage to other, having fun with his band mates. I think the most time he spend in one spot was about 3 seconds. He was talking to the crown, shaking hands with them, signing autographs, throwing plecktrums, having a ball. I managed to get his autograph on my Shirt, a Tee shirt i bot and on a plecktrum. 🙂 And yes, i also got a pic with him. 🙂

Next i saw were two legends of Jazz. Larry Coryell (g uitars) and Mose Allison (Piano) at Jazz Alley. Larry is considered a mastero and was part of the John McLaughlin guitar trio. He was so comfortable playing different styles and was simply awesome. This man has shared the stage with some of the greatest musicians of our generation and was really classy. Mose Allison is a very old man (80 year old) and he has penned some of the very famous songs like "Young man blues" and "Parchman farm" amongst many others. His voice was really young and was playng the piano like anyone can only dream of. Larry joined Mose and together they played some real cool stuff.
Last show was that of Damien Rice. I am a DIE HARD Damien fan and in a nutshell, he was out of this world. Wow. It  was truly one of the best concerts i have been for. He is a genious. I think his show deserves a special mention and i’ll just write another blog abt that one.
All in all, April was amazing fun. I am going to see Slash’s Velvet Revolver on Monday and then Meat Puppets later this month. I am excited….
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