Damien Rice concert tickets

Each time there is a concert that i really want to go to, i start tracking the tickets well in advance before they go on sale. I register on the bands website, on ticketmaster.com, follow the presale event, make ticketmaster send me an SMS an hour before the tickets go on sale, put a reminder on outlook, remind myself 10 times a day, basically – i do everything i can think of.
Damien Rice is going to play in Seattle in Benaroya Hall (remember "Live at Benaroya Hall" by Pearl Jam) on the Apr 25. Being a die hard fan of his, i was tracking his tickets since the show was announced. They had a pre-sale event, and i found out that they werent selling the Floor Level seats duing the pre-sale. I thought – i might as well wait for the tickets to go on sale and try to get the best tickets i can. I was getting very decent seats during the presale but i told myself to take that "risk".
The tickets went out on sale today. I was on TicketMaster.com 10 minutes before the the tickets went on sale. I was looking for floor seats – center area. Guess what, i got ticket number 1A from the center area. Wow. I thought today was my day. But it wasnt over yet. I had to put in my account details and stuff. As i proceeded to check out, the damn site crashed on me. The page read "We are sorry for the inconvenience". Crap. All my planning was in vein.
1 minute later when i searched for the tickets again, i could get row F (read 6th row from the stage) but it wasnt good enough for me. I am feeling cheated for no fault of mine. I really wish those tickets were mine.
Mmm, enough about all that. Well, i am going to see Damien Rice – thats good enough i guess. Imaging listening to Cannonball, Blowers Daughter, Volcano live!! Wow, i am excited. I bet its going to be awesome. I hope Lisa playes with him. I hope they allow cameras…
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