Managing my music collection

I have a huge collection of music. I have more than 400 albums that i have collected. It was becoming difficult for me to manage my music. At times there were more than 50 CD’s in my car. I just couldnt listen to the song i wanted to when i wanted to listen to it. So i thought of buying a music player. iPod was the answer. Why iPod? One – cos it can store more (i bot the 80 GB one), 2 – its tried and tested, 3 – cos Zune was not out when i bot my iPod.
So i thought buying an iPod will solve my problem and i wont have to buy anything else. But i was mistaken. Today i have 45 GB of music stored on my iPod already. I was initially storing this on my machine but soon my machine started running out of space. Given the volume of music and the time it took me to rip all the music, I realized that i should take backup of my music. Solution was to buy an external hard drive. So i bot a 120 GB portable external hard-disc by Western Digital and guess what? The hard disc crashed within a week. Man, that was bad. Western Digital told me to get a replacement for it. I had no choice. Luckily for me, i had not deleted the original copy of music and i did not have to rip my music again.
The crashed hard disc scared me and i thought i should keep two copies of music just to be sure. I bot a 300 GB Seagate hard disc – the one that had the best reviews on Amazon. Phew.
In Bill Gates Vista launch speech, me mentioned that people need computers to manage their music and photographs – a few years ago, i would have been like – "really? is it so? must be for some few." But today, i have already spent some $600 just to maintain my music. And i am sure that i must not be the only one.
Well – i still think there is lots to be done to make things easy to manage though. When transferring music from my desktop to the new portable hard disc – i lost the artwork for a lot of albums. That sucks. I dont know why it was so complicated for iPod/iTunes to preserve them. Well, but its gone now and i guess it will be a few weeks before i can see the album artwork for all the songs on my iPod again.
BTW – is there any white paper on "Manage your music" out yet? Send me the link if u find one. 🙂
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  1. yoyo says:

    Your problem might be that you own too much music, meanwhile you wanna carry all of them with you, and moreover make it easy to listen. How can things be so easy if they fulfill all your requirements?
    For me, I store my music on both my laptop and work machine, and pick up only a few of them, those my favorite songs, to my Sumsung player, and switch them regularly. But my problem is, usually I get used to those favourite songs, and don\’t intend to try something new — since I\’m getting old, you might say like that 😉

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