Wonderful world

Ask me "What’s new" and I’ll reply "Well, not much".  That’s would have been my answer a year ago and will probably be a year down the line. Yet, when i think about last year, this day 2006, mmm, I think my life was different.
We usually take the everyday things we do for granted. Walking by the waterfront, cricket on the streets, coffee at Starbucks, cribbing about life during college days, chat over the phone, watching movies with your friends. All of that is so much fun. But life takes its own course and these things that you take for granted, suddenly fade away. You pass out of college, you move to a new city, you change your job… you grow up.
Today – I cannot go to "Sports bar" with Khadji and Nikhilesh even if I felt like. I cannot go for a concert with Vikas, Viren and Haddi. Cannot play cricket with Pappu, Parag, Varzu, Chintu, and the gang. Cannot go to the pubs with Sudhir and Yoga at the night. It wouldn’t be possible to go on random walks with Girish. Paddy, Riyaz and Manish have all returned to Pune and Ritesh is in San Jose.
Today, I go to Starbucks with Rajan so often, play ping pong with Mahesh almost every day, tease Hyewon, random drives with the gang, go to concerts (mostly alone). These simple things are a BIG part of me today and very conveniently I have started to take these things for granted. But I am sure when I cannot do these things anymore – I’ll miss them bad. I think that in the fast pace of our lives, we sometimes forget to cherish what we have got.
A day that’s gone by is never going to come back, and I think I am going to try and make the most of it. The people around me might not be there tmrw, so make the most of the time you have with them.
Last year i was excited about a birthday, today, I know I cannot wish "Happy Birthday" even if I felt like. Best Wishes anyways!!
I see friends shaking hands
Sayin "How do you do?"
They’re really saying… "I love you."
Wow… what a wonderful world!!
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