The Eraser by Thom Yorke

I "waste" my money most on music. I practically buy a new CD every other week. I thought it will be cool if i can scribble a little bit about the last CD i bot out here.
Mmmm, ok. so the last album i have is The Eraser by Thom Yorke. For those of you who dont know Thom, he is the vocalist of Radiohead. And for those of you who dont know Radiohead – two things. One – you havent heard a REAL cool band and two, maybe you may pass this post.
Though critics may say that OK Computer is the best album by Radiohead, I like Kid A the best. I never get tired of listening to this album. The Eraser has similar sound and sounds very much Radiohead like. My personal fav songs on this album are Analyse, Black Swan, The Clock and And it rained all night. The entire album rocks. I absoultely love the way he sounds. I think he is a genious. His vocals and the electronic sound. This album has a haunting sound – yet its very happy.
People compare Amnesiac to Kid A. I think they are very different. A couple of songs might sound similar but no – i dont think it should be called as Kid A – Part 2.
Reading reviews of Kid A on the net, i heard ppl talk about the soundtrack of Bodysong. I guess i need to buy that soon. Jonny Greenwood’s solo work.
To sum it all – I think being a die-hard Radiohead fan, i might be a little biased in my opinion. I am sure Radiohead fans will love this album. Of-course its not as intense as the Radiohead albums, and if you dont like the electronic sound – avoid this album.
I’ll give it 5 starts though! You rock Thom!
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