Every song they released…

I thought it will be a cool idea to list down all the bands that i really follow. I own each and every studio album these bands have come up with. ūüôā unless they released an album in the last fortnight. And hey – when i say i have these albums, i mean that i have an original copy of the album.
Here is the list:
Creedence Clearwater Revival (July 1968)
Bayou Country (January 1969)
Green River (August 1969)
Willy and the Poor Boys (November 1969)
Cosmo’s Factory (July 1970)
Pendulum (December 1970)
Mardi Gras (April 1972)
Led Zeppelin I (Jan 1969)
Led Zeppelin II (Oct 1969)
Led Zeppelin III (Oct 1970)
Led Zeppelin IV (Nov 1971)
Houses of the holy (Mar 1973)
Physical Graffitti (Feb 1975)
Presense (Mar 1976)
In through the out door (Aug 1979)
Coda (Nov 1982)
Pablo Honey (February 22, 1993)
The Bends (March 13, 1995)
OK Computer (June 16, 1997)
Kid A (October 2, 2000)
Amnesiac (June 4, 2001)
Hail to the Thief (June 9, 2003)
Parachutes (10 July 2000)
A Rush of Blood to the Head (26 August 2002)
X&Y (6 June 2005)
i bot the The Complete Original Black Sabbath collection so i had them all in one shot. ūüôā
Black Sabbath (1970)
Paranoid (1970)
Master Of Reality (1971)
Volume 4 (1972)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973)
Sabotage (1975)
Technical Ecstasy (1976)
Never Say Die! (1978)
Room for squares (Sep 2001)
Heavier things (Sep 2003)
well, well – i need to buy the last one he released on Sep 12, 2006.
Dire Straits (1978)
Communiqué (1979)
Making Movies (1980)
Love Over Gold (1982)
Brothers in Arms (1985)
On Every Street (1991)
Oz Live
Shake Your Money Maker (1990)
The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion (1992)
Amorica (1994)
Three Snakes & One Charm  (1996)
By Your Side  (1999)
Lions  (2001)
Under the Table and Dreaming (1994)
Crash (1996)
Before These Crowded Streets (1998)
Everyday (2001)
Busted Stuff (2002)
Stand Up (2005)
Live DMB:
The Central Park concert (2003)
With Tim:
Live at Luther College (1999)
Extreme (1989)
Pornograffitti (1990)
III Sides to Every Story (1992)
Waiting for the Punchline (1995)
More (July 27, 1969)
Ummagumma (October 25, 1969) – i dont have this one.
Atom Heart Mother (October 10, 1970)
Meddle (October 30, 1971)
Obscured by Clouds (June 3, 1972)
The Dark Side of the Moon (March 23, 1973)
Wish You Were Here (September 15, 1975)
Animals (January 23, 1977)
The Wall (November 30, 1979)
The Final Cut (March 23, 1983)
A Momentary Lapse of Reason (September 7, 1987)
The Division Bell (March 30, 1994)
Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. (October 19, 1964)
Sounds of Silence (January 17, 1966)
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (October 10, 1966)
Bookends (April 3, 1968)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (January 26, 1970)
Outlandos d’Amour (1978)
Reggatta de Blanc (1979)
Zenyatta Mondatta (1980)
Ghost in the Machine (1981)
Synchronicity (1983)
I have also almost completed the collection of the following bands as well:
The Who
The Clash
Mark Knopfler
Pearl Jam
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2 Responses to Every song they released…

  1. Mahesh says:

    Your passion for music seems to be amazing. Keep it going all your life.

  2. Unknown says:

    I got the glimpse while you¬†were writing this blog but trust me after reading your blog I\’m really impressed the way you narrate. Man keep your enthu‚Äô for music like this. And definitely in next couple of years, you will find someone writing a blog on you J

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