Paul Simon concert tonight….

Phew – i am so excited today. I am going to listen to Paul Simon – in flesh and blood tonight. The concert is at Key Arena, Seattle and i have the best tickets i could have got. I am going to be in the 10th row. 🙂 I still remember me buying the tickets – Manish Sinha was sitting behind me and watching me hitting and waiting for it to be 10 o’clock so i can get the best tickets. This was – i guess – a month ago. Time has passed and the show is tonight.
I have been a die-hard Simon and Garfunkel fan. I own all their albums and i also own the 3-CD "Old Friends" collection. Also, to prep for this concert i bot the best of Paul Simon CD and his latest album – "Surprise". I go for many concerts – almost one every week. Being in the US – you get to watch the best bands. Know what – the reason i was excited about coming to the US was to get a chance to watch these guys live. I still remember Viren and me walking back from the airport – after dropping Vikas – and talking about us getting a chance to come to the US and watching these bands play. I am here today and i have indeed watched a few guys play. I got lucky. Today is different though. I cannot tell you how excited i am. I am a little nervous too. Its as if i am going to watch someone live for the first time. How will it be? Will he sound the same? One thing is for sure – if he sings Bridge over troubled waters – i’ll cry. I just love that song and i have so many memories associated with that song. Man. I wish he sings that song. I wish he sings El Condor Pasa – i can still hear Vijay sing that song – i can still remember that western vocals finals from last year of college. I can still play those chords. I can still remember Manish Kurup sing Sounds of silence on that old guitar of his and Devtosh and me listening to him outside his house. I remember Sumit and me driving back to Jersey city on New Jersey Turnpike and me remembering the words to "America" – counting the cars on the New Jersey turnpike. I remember talking to Rajeshwari and telling her that this guy is God. I remember reading his biography i stole from Rajeshwari. 🙂 I love this guy!
Man – its a day to remember. Well – its also a day to remember cos its Satya’s last day here with the team and me. Its been great working with him and i’ll always be glad to have met him.
How good will the show be tonight???
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