Albums i have bot more than once…

I thought it will be a cool idea to list all the albums i have bot more than once. I have seen something on the Counting crows website – Adam did that.
All right here’s the list:
1) Before These Crowded Streets – Dave Matthews Band
2) Under the Table and Dreaming – Dave Matthews Band
3) Crash – Dave Matthews Band
4) 3 sides to every story – Extreme (I have 2 copies of the CD and used to own a tape before).
5) Tommy (Original cast recordings) – The who
6) Best of Tom Petty – Tom Petty
7) Automatic for the people – REM
8) Human Clay – Creed
9) August and Everything After – Counting crows
10) Kid A – Radionhead
there are many more and i am going to keep updating this list as i recollect/buy new stuff.
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