Gimme Moe.

I heard Moe. on saturday at the Showbox, Seattle.
The venue was small. I guess thats how big these venues in Seattle are.  Yet – many BIG bands including Yardbirds and Coldplay have played there at the Showbox and i bet i’ll be going there more often. I have developed a liking to go watch big bands at small places. Its a lot better. At big venues – its more commercial.
Coming to Moe. Wow what a band they are. They are a five piece jam-band. Their frontman is Al Schnier (Guitar/Keys/Vocals). He has great music sense. He will keep experimenting with the sound, using his pedals and effects on the keys. They played for some 3 and a half hours with such great energy. They can play a song 10 times and make it sound different each time you listen to it. Improvising and innovating. They covered a Radiohead song in this show and guess what – they played My Generation. I managed to get the setlist and you can see it here. And guess what i also have the plecktrum that Chuck used. 🙂
The one thing unique abt Moe. fans. They will go see them play each time they can. Some of them travel with the band as well. I mean – i watched them for the 3rd time and i can bet that i have watched 10 shows less than any hard-code Moe. fan. I met these guys who watched em at Vancouver BC on Thu, were in Seattle on Fri and were planning to go to Portland on Sun. 🙂 Wow! I also met the vocalist/guiratist of this band called Smoking Bills (cover band) and i might go see him play.
This one guy who is a hard-code Moe. fan suggested that i listen to "Widespread Panic", Phish and Blues traveller, in his opinion they are Moe.ish. All right – i’ll take his advice.
Moe. – you guys rock!
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