Ian Gillan

I had been to the Ian Gillan show last weekend at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle. For those of you who dont know him – he is the vocalist of Deep Purple. The cafe is a small place, it can occupy about say 125 people. Some 70-75 people gathered to watched Ian. I was lucky to get a very good view of the legend – i was in the 3rd row from the stage, unlike the usual 1st row. What a show it was. I am still smiling. He was so much into his music. He rocked. He sang with such passion. I wish all these greats play at places like the Crocodile cafe where we can talk to em and really connect with their music.
He played some Purple songs as well including "Smoke on the water". 🙂 Man – imagine that. It wasnt the first time i heard him sing. I have heard Purple when they played in Bombay but this was something out of the world.
Here;s a link to the pics i took.
Know what – i got a pic with Ian and also his latest CD autographed. Man – can u believe that. He was very humble and he also apologysed for making me wait. LOL – i could have waited there for hours for that pic anyday.
If you get a chance to listen to him – DONT MISS IT.
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