Avinash’s Seattle trip

Its feels almost like friday today. Avinash is coming to Seattle tonight. I am really looking FWD to it. It should be fun. He is gonna be here until Monday morning.
I have a whole bunch of things to do before i go to pick him from the airport. Gotta clear the mess in my house, buy some food, clean my car – to list a few. I plan on taking him to Mt. Rainer and Lake Washington Blvd – by Kurt Cobains park for sure. The rest will be as it happens. Man – the Jaya factor is still haunting me. I dont want to have more fights with her – knowing the fact that i will have to meet her this weekend. I think this topic deserves a separate blog entry, lol. 🙂
I have a few things planned – exercise/sports and finishing the tasks for Geneva. Man – will Geneva be a success? Will our code scale up or will it suck? I hope we do a good job. SO many things on my mind. Hope all ends well.
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