Another weekend

Its Friday evening and time for me to go home. I plan to do the ususal ritual tonight. Go watch a hindi movie – first day first show. Golmaal. I think this movie will be cool but who knows. Well i’ll find out.
Usually my weekends are SUPER busy. I dont plan anything but yet – i end up very busy. I plan to finish a few things this weekend. Lets what works and what does not. Well i gotta goto Wells Fargo for a friend. Then i plan to play ping pong else go on an overnight drive with Rajan. Hope that works.
Also – i gotta finish the docs legal dept has sent me. Call Sasi. Wow. Lots to do man. Also, i plan to watch a couple of movies at home. As m writting this i am realizing how many things i have piled on. Man i gotta find some time and finish these up. I also have to upload Yellowstone pics. Email Kalpita/wish her luck. Man man man.
Lets see what all i do. I hope i finish at least a few of these things.
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