Mark Lanegan, Neptune – Seattle

Long overdue! Mark Lanegan, two nights, two different cities. First night, Seattle.

I love the new album, Phantom Radio. Its a great album. My favorite tracks are Killing Season and Harvest Home.

Seattle was the first stop of the Phantom Radio tour. So I had no idea as to what will be on the setlist. All I knew was that the band comprised of Jeff Fielder and some Belgian musicians.

The band comprised of Jeff Fielder, Aldo Struyf, Jean-Philippe De Gheest, Frederic Lyenn Jacques and our main man, Mark Lanegan!

The show was awesome despite the fact that Steven Janssens wasn’t on guitar duty. That band for the Blues Funereal tour was sooo good and I felt that Steven was a major part of that sound. But Jeff Fielder was amazing too! Although, Jeff’s style is very different from Stevens. Surprises? The jazzed up version of Bombed and Aldo Struyf. I haven’t really heard a lot of Creature with the atom brain yet but I am sure I will do that in the near future.

The Gravedigger’s Song
Harvest Home
Sleep With Me
One Way Street
One Hundred Days
Resurrection Song
Riot in My House
Quiver Syndrome
Floor of the Ocean (first performance ever)
Waltzing in Blue (first performance ever)
Hit the City
Creeping Coastline of Lights (Leaving Trains cover)
Ode to Sad Disco
Harborview Hospital
Torn Red Heart (first performance ever)
Black Rose Way (Screaming Trees song)
Death Trip to Tulsa (first performance ever)
Tiny Grain of Truth

Judgement Time
The Wild People
I Am the Wolf
Methamphetamine Blues

Pics are here.

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