Mark Lanegan, Crystal Ballroom – Portland

Next stop, Mark Lanegan in Portland.

I wasn’t entirely sure if I could have made it to this show, but everything worked out well and I took the train to Portland just in time for the show.

First off, I bumped into Mark Lanegan and Sean Wheeler walking around near the venue. I got to say hello to Mark and tell him how excited I was for the show. When the venue would not allow me to bring my camera in, I asked Mark if it was OK. Yes, I bumped into him again and he said he was cool if i shot the first two songs. Made my day! I usually never feel nervous about these things but I have to admit that shooting pictures with official permission was a lot of pressure. Especially when its the first time and its a Lanegan show.

I decided to hang out at Everyday Music right across the street until the show started. To my surprise, Aldo Struyf walked in after a little bit. He is such a down to earth guy. Time and again, I have noticed that awesomer a person is, the more humble that person is.

I tried to set my camera up during the Lyenn and the Sean and Zander sets. Sean and Zander were awesome by the way. Much more relaxed and enjoying themselves more than the previous night. Lyenn has got a powerful voice. My goodness, he was so awesome in Seattle. In Portland, he more or less repeated that performance.

When Lanegan took the stage, the lights were completely changed. I don’t know why but I never bothered to check my shots. Such a silly mistake, I kept clicking away. Took a lot of pictures but I am not entirely proud of how they came out. 😦

Show highlights, Sean and Zander were having lots of fun. Lanagen band sounded better and tighter. Jeff’s guitar playing was awesome! Mark seemed to be having fun as well.

Sean and Zander

Sean and Zander pics are here.

Mark Lanegan pics are here. Hope you like atleast a couple of them.

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