Seattle Rock Lottery

This was the first time that I attended the Seattle Rock Lottery. The concept is simple – they get a group of musicians together (25 in this case) and split them to form a new band (5 bands in this case). They play a concert in about 12 hours of their existence. They are expected to come up with 3-5 songs, of which only one can be a cover. Honestly, these bands sounded WAY better than a lot of regular fulltime bands! Everybody on stage seemed to be having a lot of fun. I reached when the second band was on stage (I missed Tendermess).

If I had to pick one band, it will be Judge Jordy Featuring The Roots. Their sound was too rich. With lap steel, horns, etc they sounded amazing! The close second for me was Ego Chavez. Daniel Blue was awesome! I am digging Motopony a lot too. Avtar Crowder laid a cool baseline on one of their songs. Mystic Spiral was awesome too. Trey Gunn was like a wizard and Stacy Peck kept the groove tight. I loved the vocal layer added by Jeppa Hall with Chillum Dafoe. Thomas Hunter rocked! Hard to believe that such cool stuff got created in 12 hours!

Bill Patton (Bill Patton and the Credentials, Low Hums)
Scott Teske (Seattle Rock Orchestra)
Rob Witmer (“Awesome”, The Love Markets)
Mitch Leffler (Zebra Hunt)
Hollis Wong-Wear (The FLVR Blue)

Chillum Dafoe:
Thomas Hunter (The Heavy, White China Gold) – Guitar, Vocals
Jonah Bergman (Schoolyard Heroes, Trash Fire) – Base
Heather Thomas (Susy Sun, Tess Henley, Justin Froese) – Drums
J Battle (Gran Rapids) – Beats
Jeppa Hall (Queen Shmooquan, Goatgirl) – Vocals

Ego Chavez:
Cameron Elliott (No Grave, Mongrel Blood) – Guitar
Daniel Blue (Motopony) – Vocals
TV Coahran (Popular Shapes, Gazebos)  – Guitar
Avtar Crowder (Atomic Bride) – Base
Jacob Evans (Gems, The Soft Hills, St Kilda) – Drums

Judge Jordy Featuring The Roots:
Kimo Muraki (Tiny Messengers, Surrealized) – Guitars, Lap Steel Guitar
Matt Gervais (Mikey and Matty, Curtains For You) – Vocals, Guitar
Jon Stone (Hyperlung) – Guitars (not sure if i got this name right)
Ahamefule J. Oluo (Industrial Revelation, Hey Marseilles) – Horns, etc
Andrew King (XVIII Eyes, Dustmoth, Crypts) – Drums

Mystic Spiral:
Ajax Wood-Storm (Ardent Vein) – Keys
Trey Gunn (King Crimson, TU) – Chapman Stick
Stacy Peck (Pony Time, Childbirth) – Drums
Shaprece Renee (Shaprece) – Vocals
Shenandoah Davis (Shenandoah Davis) – Keys, Vocals

Chillum Dafoe


Ego Chavez

Judge Jordy Featuring The Roots

Mystic Spiral

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