Prayer of St. Francis

I was listening to Sarah MaLachlan’s version of "Blackbird" which lead me to read the review of the album. Most of the songs on that album are covers. I noticed a song called "Prayer of St. Francis" and i looked up the song on youtube. Yes it was "Make me a channel of your peace". Her version sounds pretty different from how we sang it in the school. But it did bring back a lot of memories. Open air auditorium and the song sung in chorus by us. 🙂 This version of Sinead O’Corner sounds more like how we sang it.



Coincidently, i listened to another song from my school days. "Brown Girl In the Ring" – Bonney M classic couple of days ago. Although, I heard Taj Mahal’s version i feel like putting the Boney M version here. We sang this song on each and every school picnic. LOL.



PS: I went to a school called St. Francis D’Assisi and the song "Prayer of St. Francis" was almost like a school song, sung everyday before school began… Imagine about 3000 kids singing the song on top of their lungs, in chorus, early in the morning, wearing their school uniform. 🙂
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