Happiness only real when shared

I saw a homeless lady at the University Ave yesterday. It was about 11.15 in the night and it was starting to get chilly. Luckily – it wasnt the usual cold Seattle nights. The lady had covered herself under a big sheet of blue plastic that would cover her whole body as she sat there. She had two boxes, quite big boxes on either side. I assumed that those will be all her belongings. I could hardly see her face, although I could tell that she was old. She was opening and closing her fist which made me feel that she either had some pain in her hands or she was doing that to generate some heat to keep her warm.
I continued to I walk ahead, to my car that was parked about 10 feet away from her. I noticed the beautiful glass windows of the Brooklyn building and took a few pics and drove away – like i saw nothing.
Somehow i couldnot forget the sight. Its kept playing in my mind. I was at the Ave for my dinner. I was super hungry yesterday and i had two burgers, fries and a milk-shake. I’d tipped the guys 3 bucks. Now, i was wondering what that money would have meant to that lady?
I cannot imagine how it would be for her to live each day of her life like that. Imagine, nothing to look forward to. Nobody to shower and love or effection. No gurantee of dinner that night. Only a sheet of plastic to protect from the cold and of course all the rain we see here. Imagine having to walk to every place. Imagine the looks some people give the homeless if they come closer. Man. What would have someone done to deserve such a fate? I cannot imagine. If there’s something that scares me then its poverty and loneliness.
There’s not much that i can do about this besides continuing to donate to charity the money i already do. But i so sincerely hope the lady finds someone who loves her and takes care of her.
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  1. Mahesh says:

    The first step to realization is to be aware of what is going on. Once you are concious keep talking about it somewhere sometime it will inspire some one to do more than just move on. Thanks for the touching blog.

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