It does not get better than this. Oh, look, it just did. Even the star is out.

Many-a-times you are hooked to an album or an artist. It was Neil Young for me for the last few months and Tom Morello (Rage/Audioslave/Nightwatchman) before that. These days, its Derek Trucks album titled "Songlines". I just cannot get enough of that album. It just sounds better, the more i listen to it. My favourite song on that is "Sahib teri bandi" and  I wish that he would have played that song when i saw him live but he dint. Yet, the concert was awesome, one of the best. He doesnt tour here that often so i was hoping that the next time he is here, which would have been anything more than a year. And guess what… I found a DVD of "Songlines" yesterday at a used CD store. On that he has played all the songs and yeah, also "Key to the highway". 🙂 All that for less than 9 bucks. 🙂 My day was made!!
PS: I am a proud owner of an autographed Songlines CD.
Helicopter. 😉
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  1. deepthi says:

    Well, I am thinking of a song!! 😉

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