Sleep for 6 hours?

They say, you should sleep for 8 hours every night or maybe, 6 hours everyday. Oh, come on. I dont think this is fair. I think thats too much time wasted doing nothing, i would rather do something else.
I often wonder where my time goes. 10-11 hours at work, say about 5-6 hrs or sleep. That leaves behind about 7-8 hours of time for urself everyday. Now, in that time you have to manage quite a few things. Eat (can take more than an hour sometimes and yes, i havent factored time to cook ;)), call friends (sometimes i am scared to call friends with whom i have to talk for hours – not that i dont like talking to em, but managing the timezones and all, its so difficult), meet friends, surf, play, watch movies, CONCERTS, coffee, pay bills, groceries, shopping, other chores, PLAY GUITAR, etc. I think thats too much for 8 hours a day. How i wish we had those 6 hrs we spend sleeping for ourselves. That sounds so cool.
I have often read people saying that they like to sleep. Come to think of it, i wonder how can someone really like that. Its so much time wasted. I dont have enough time on my hands to do the things i love, how can someone like to sleep? LOL, thats funny. If i was to design human beings again, i would definitly save them the sleeping time. A 15 minute power nap sounds good to me but nah, 6hrs is too much. How can i ever get this time back?
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1 Response to Sleep for 6 hours?

  1. Mahesh says:

    Dude!! When you sleep you are not wasting anything. Your subconcious mind comes to the forefront and is running the crawler to archive all your memories. Also it is doing a lot of data mining and giving feedback to the concious mind on how to act. If you sleep well you can do a lot of these tasks in parallel. But I like the context of your blog…Keep blogging.

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